How to Build a Custom Wine Rack

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a big wine refrigerator and wine cabinet to hold all your precious wine, or even better, a custom wine cellar in your home. If not as lucky, you probably have wine bottles stacked in your garage or littering the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, most of us live in small apartments where there simply is not enough space for a massive wine cellar. However, a small living space doesn’t mean that you can’t have a storage rack for your wine it just means that you will need to be creative with your custom solutions. Here are some examples of DIY wine racks you can build.

Before you start on the design of your custom rack, you will need to consider certain aspects, like do you want the wine to be stored long or short term? Most drinking wine is consumed within 24 hours of purchase while fine wines are often kept aside long term to age. Wine also needs to be stored at appropriate conditions, without which it would rapidly deteriorate. Wooden racks or cabinets are typically regarded as the best material for storing wine offering easily control conditions. But finding suitable wood for making racks is not as easy as it sounds. Here are a few different types and solutions if you want to create a DIY wooden rack for storing wine.

  • Tree branch wine rack

You can turn any piece of wood into a wine rack, so look around your yard to find if any of the trees needs pruning or removal. Tree pruning is typically conducted to remove any branches which have spread too wide and represent a potential hazard. Tree removal in Melbourne should be left to the experts as they will prune the tree in a proper way to provide an aesthetic appeal. They will also offer to remove the branches and stump for an extra cost, but since you need the branches to make the rack, this service is not required. Take a big branch, remove the leaves and smooth out the edges with a sand paper, then bore holes for wine bottle necks. If you find the right branch or log, this could make a rustic addition to your room.

  • Tree stump wine rack

You can also turn that tree stump into a beautiful wine rack and stun your guests. It is as much as a conversation starter and sculpture as it is a home for your favourite wine. Take the stump and smooth out the edges and then bore slanting holes for wine bottle necks.

  • Dresser wine rack

If you have a wooden dresser which you rarely use then you can turn it into a beautiful wine rack with few tools and minimum efforts. Take a few wooden planks, bore holes in them as per the size of bottles, fit them into the dresser and voila you are done. Dresser has a lot of space which can be used to store other types of alcohol as well. Refinish the top and you have a handy bar counter too.

  • Wooden milk crate rack

You can even use an old milk crate to make a gorgeous wine rack. Take the crate and line it up with galvanised metal racks. This DIY requires minimum effort and forms a vintage display for your wine collection.

These are some of the options to build your own custom wine racks, but if you are interested in storing wine for long duration then the best solution is naturally to buy custom made wine racks.

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