Factors to Consider When Buying Wine Cabinet

Wine drinker and collectors have a range of choice when it comes to decorating. From the wine itself through to decorative glasses and cork there is a variety of accessories available. However, the most important of all these choices is the wine cabinet. After all, storing all your precious wine safely and at the correct temperature is vital to a successful vintage collection.

A wine cabinet is more than just a storage place, it is also a showpiece. The display on which your wine is held. So it is important that it not only matches your home décor but that it also complements your style. With a range of styles, designs, colour and wood types, it is easy to find exactly the right match.

However, there are a few elements to consider when looking for that perfect wine cabinet.

Your Available Space

The first and perhaps the most important consideration is how much available space you have. The type of space available will also help determine whether you need an under counter model, free standing or a fully integrated model. With the large wide variety of cabinet sizes, it is easy to find the right suitably sized unit for your space.

The cabinet capacity

Think about how many bottles you will need to store. A single under counter unit will hold around 50 bottles. Also, consider the type of wine you would like to store as most units are designed to store 750 ml Bordeaux bottles. However, if you need to store Champagne or Burgundy, you may not be able to store as many bottles as the estimated capacity due to wider and thicker bottles.

Humidity control

To properly age wine you will require a humidity level 50-75%. It is an important element to keep in mind, as incorrect humidity can cause later problems. If the wine is stored in too dry an environment, the cork will dry out and crack, allowing air in the bottle. Too much humidity is also not beneficial providing a welcoming environment for mould. Superior cabinet models will maintain the correct humidity as well as allow proper ventilation.

Shelf configuration

Wine cabinets shelves are usually made of wood or chrome. The basic models tend to have fixed shelving. More premium designs will have roll out shelves making it easier to retrieve and inspect the bottles. Quality cabinets will also have shelves that can be adjusted according to your preference.

Whatever your choice of wine cabinet it is always important to like your chosen design. So use these elements as a guide to narrow the field but don’t limit your choices too much too soon, you never know when you’ll discover your next amazing piece of furniture.

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